“Inside, Outside” A Digital Coloring Page


Inside Outside, my coloring page for sale in my Etsy Shop

A few days ago I made a coloring page for the people who live at The Mansion.  I emailed it to Julie, the activities director, and she printed out copies of it to give out to anyone who wanted to color it.

I got enough messages from people on my blog saying they’d like to have one of my coloring pages that I decided to make another one.  This morning I made one called Inside, Outside and I’m selling it in my Etsy Shop.

My coloring page, Inside, Outside is $3.   It’s a digital download, so you can buy it, print it out on your printer and begin coloring immediately.  You can buy it here.

I woke up three times last night after having bad dreams, so I was a little rattled this morning.  But creating this drawing was meditative and soothing.  I hope it does the same for you as you color it in.

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