April Snow

A while ago I moved our bed so that I can look out the little kneeling window when I fall asleep and wake up in the morning.

Today the storm widow was fogged up halfway from the bottom up.  So I had to lift my head to see out. And when I did I couldn’t have been more surprised to see white.  The ground and trees had a thin layer of snow on them.

April snow isn’t unusual in this part of the country, but the spring plants and grass came up so early this year, I was fooled.

After my surprise, my first thought was that I’d have to feed the animals hay this morning and that it would be cold enough for me to walk in the woods behind the farm because the ticks wouldn’t be out.

All the snow is melted as I write this, but it’s cold enough out that I’m wearing four layers and a hat in my studio.  This afternoon I’ll let the sheep and donkeys out to graze and take that walk in the back woods.

7 thoughts on “April Snow

  1. Everything here in NM had started leafing out and greening up. And then an entire day of snow and freezing temperatures Monday. The Virginia creeper and Russian sage was particularly hard hit. Trying to decide if I need to prune things back (again) or let it be for now.

    We used to get snow as late as the first week of May but Spring didn’t start this early back then, either. Everything has a different timetable now. A new abnormal.

  2. Maria, . . . .another page in the book of Life On The Farm. . . what a beautiful awakening! How much better can life be? Those are memories in my Memory Bank. Like checks forgotten and uncashed. Thank you again. Veronica

  3. What a beautiful sight to wake up to.
    In Los Angeles we had about six days of rain, then two days of sunshine and tomorrow it is supposed to rain again.
    The rain makes this “Stay Home” somewhat depressing. One can only do so much laundry.
    I’ve been fortunate though as I have discovered a new friend in the backyard. A morning dove has kind of moved in.
    The other day he was gently pecking for food around my camellia bushes and he didn’t seem to mind my walking along the pathway next to him. I’m assuming that it is a male and given the time of year, he is watching over his nest. The other evening my Labradoodle puppy and I were outside on that part of the walkway and he dive bombed us. I was shocked as my pup kind of reared up on his hind legs jumping into the air. Upon landing he kind of chased the bird who by that time had flown away.
    This morning the bird was on my teak coffee table near the patio just looking around for the longest time. Tonight he as sitting on the back of my bench, I got up as close as possible to take a picture. He was puffed up like a little stuffed bird and just as calm as could be. I’ve decided that I want to take his picture every day—-at least as long as he is here. I think I am going to write a children’s book about him. Your April snow is one of nature’s gifts and the photo is beyond beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
    Morning Doves have the sweetest sound in early mornings.
    I guess this “lockdown” is giving us a kind of gift. If we want to really enjoy this down time, nature is right there giving us gifts every day.
    You picure is ======

    1. I love that you’re finding the nature all around you Jane. It’s beautiful the way you’re noticing and paying attention to the dove. Perhaps you’ll see his babies at some point.

  4. This picture is beautiful! Maybe sell it on Etsy? Just a thought? You are good at this, definitely an artist eye.

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