Hopeful Potholders For Sale

Hopeful Potholder IV for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

“Some days I feel hopeful”, I said to my friend Kat as we video chatted, “and other days I’m really down”.

So many people I’ve talked to feel this way.  It’s similar to how another friend told me she felt when she found out she had cancer.

I made these potholders on a day when I was feeling really hopeful.  I tried to put that hope into my work, thinking that when someone reached for one of my Hopeful Potholders in their kitchen they might feel what I did when I made them.

I have four Hopeful Potholders for sale.  (I made ten and sold six already)  They’re $18 each plus $5 shipping for one or more and you can buy them here. 

Hopeful Potholder I
Hopeful Potholder II
Hopeful Potholder III  (Sorry this photo is out of focus, not sure how that slipped by me. I’ll get a better picture of it in tomorrows daylight) 




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