Opening Up The Back Pasture

Last week I closed off the back pasture because after grazing Liam had a clump of wool filled  with Begger Ticks (tiny seeds that stick like velcro).  They’re almost impossible to get out and if he gets too many of them, they can ruin his wool for when it’s time to be shorn and made into yarn.

The sheep all have very clean wool right now and want to keep it that way.

But the grass in the two other pastures is growing slowly.  It’s gotten cold again and the sun usually only comes out for a few hours in the morning which doesn’t help.

Now the sheep are used to grazing and see or maybe smell the growing grass and make so much noise about getting into the pasture I can’t resist them.  So I opened up the back pasture this morning and am hoping there’s enough grass to keep the sheep out of the brambles where they pick up the Begger Ticks.

And I got something out of it too.  It was such a pleasure to lead them into the pasture and watch them while they grazed contentedly.

2 thoughts on “Opening Up The Back Pasture

  1. Is it possible to cut the Beggar Tick bushes down before they fully open up for the Spring? Cut them back to the ground and just burn them or something?

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