All My Sheep, Ready For Shearing

Suzy (Border Leicester)

Our shearer Liz got in touch with me to let me know she’ll be coming out to shear our sheep.  I’m not sure when yet, but it’s good to know she’ll be coming.

She also told me that Asher and Issachar’s mother just had triplets.  Needless to say, they’re adorable.

Yesterday Suzy, who was standing around with a piece of hay sticking out of her mouth like a cigarette, giving me” a look”,  inspired me to take portraits of my sheep.

So here they are, with all their winter wool, soon to be shorn.

Liam (Suzy’s lamb, Border Leicester/Cheviot)
Socks (Border Leicester)
Pumpkin ( Socks’ lamb, Border Leicester/Cheviot)
Rosemary (Romney)
Biddy (Romney)
Kim (Karakul)
Issachar (one of the twins he’s Blueface Leicester/Romeny/Cormo)
Asher, (the other twin,he’s Blueface Leicester/Romeny/Cormo)



8 thoughts on “All My Sheep, Ready For Shearing

  1. Love the ‘mugshots’ – great pictures, I tested myself and got most of the names right before scrolling down to the bottom of the pic to see if I was right. Those twin boys are messy eaters – wearing most of their hay!

  2. I love these sheep portraits. Kim really stands out with her long flowing fleece and pink nose. She has a cute face and a very feminine look about her.

  3. Oh such beautiful pics , please may suggest including a copy with the shipments of yarn I think your customers Wooled be charmed To have a pic of the sheep the wool came. Note such a beautiful group of sheep to live with every day

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