Corona Kimono April 20,2020

I spent most of my day doing shipping.  I’m lucky to have a lot of art to be sending out.  But this afternoon I got to work on my Corona Kimono.

My idea when I first began the Kimono was to do a drawing a day.  But that hasn’t happened.  I just didn’t get to it this weekend and decided unless I really have the need I won’t be doing any drawings on the weekend.

I need the time off.  It makes a difference to me creatively.

Today I was inspired by our discovery of Saratoga Apple as a good place to shop for fruits and vegetables and hard cider. Since the virus has mostly kept us out of the big supermarkets we’ve been getting our food at the Cambridge Co-op, the Cambridge Market (a small grocery store in town) and Saratoga Apple.

There are few if any people when we go to Saratoga Apple and we bring our growlers and get them refilled with hard cider which feels like a necessity to me these days.

I’m also struck with the idea that cashiers are being appreciated for the work they do.  Their status has been raised to “essential workers”.  I was a cashier for many years and never would have imagined that there would come a time when cashiers would be risking their lives by doing what they do.

I keep thinking how this virus feels to me like my life is under a microscope.  Everything is intensified and pared down. So if I’m aware, I can see more clearly, just by living my everyday life the things that really matter to me.


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