Butterfly Potholders

Butterfly Potholders

I used some of the butterfly fabric in a couple of potholders and people seemed to like them.  So I used the rest of the fabric to make these potholders.

The butterfly is a good symbol for these days.  So many of us are in our cocoons waiting to come out.


5 thoughts on “Butterfly Potholders

    1. No Marsha, I haven’t finished them yet. When I do I’ll post them in my Etsy Shop. But if you see one you like, let me know. A couple are sold already. Thanks for asking.

  1. Is the one on the top left of the picture still available? If so, would like to order it. It looks like stained glass!

    1. I’m sorry Barbara, that one is already sold. But thanks for asking. The “stained glass” fabric came from scrubs that Lynne sent me.

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