Corona Kimono 4/21/20


The tree in the fish tank

Soft warm light filled the room.  I could feel it as much as see it.  An owl sat close to the ceiling in one corner.  The soft white curtain was lit from the sun and between it and the window was a big brown moth as if it had been attracted to the light in the room during the night and didn’t realize it was now daytime.

I dreamed this room last night, it was such a peaceful place I tried to hold onto the feeling of it for as long as I could after waking up.

When I got downstairs, I looked at the tree Jon got for our fish tank yesterday.  I realized that there was something about the shape of the tree and the spaces between the branches had the same feeling as the room in my dream.

Last night I couldn’t stop looking at the tree and how the fish would swim through the branches.  It reminded me of how when I was a kid I would look up at branches of the giant oak in the backyard. I would imagine myself in the space that the branches made. As if I could hover there, just as the fish were doing.

Those spaces, that tree, were a place of comfort.

Today for my Corona Kimono, I drew the big brown moth from my dream.  I don’t know the meaning of my dream.  I looked up the symbolism of a moth and owl, but I feel like I’m too close to it to be able to see it clearly.

So, for now, this will have to do.

The brown moth from my dream.



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