Inside The Fish Tank


One of my new Mystery Snail on the branch of the tree.

“You”, I said to Jon and gave him a kiss., “you really love me don’t you.”  Not just because he got me what I wanted, but because he thought to do it.

There were two Mystery Snails in the fish tank that weren’t there this morning.

A few days ago, after my Mystery Snail Socrates died, I lost interest in the fish tank.

Then Jon rearranged the tank when the tree he ordered came.  That got my attention.  I loved to watch the fish swim between the branches.  Then the Mystery Snails came.

Once again I find myself sitting in front of the fish tank looking and seeing.

The bigger Mystery Snail is resting on the trunk of the tree, and the smaller one is wrapped around a branch as if hugging it.  One of the catfish is eating a dead shrimp, and now there are three baby rabbit snails.  They’re still tiny, but big enough that I can now see their little orange bodies and that their shells are turning different shades of brown.

An iridescent Blue Gourami floats in the space between the branches of the tree as if cradled by big comforting arms.

I’m no longer outside the tank looking in.  I am cuddling in the roots of the tree, exploring its highest branches and hovering in the safe spaces they create.


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