Twin Healing Tree Magnets For Sale

Twin Healing Tree Posters, Postcards and Magnets

I didn’t expect to get my Twin Healing Tree Magnets so soon.  But they came in the mail yesterday.

It feels good to have them back in my Etsy Shop since they’re my best seller.  They’re 4″x2/3″ and they’re $6 + $1 shipping.  You can buy them here. 

I had the magnets, posters and postcards printed after I sold my Twin Healing Trees fabric painting.  It’s one of those images that I knew people would like to have in a more accessible form.

I came across the two trees on one of my walks in the woods and sat between them on their mossy seat feeling their grounding power. Later I took a picture of me standing between them then made it into a fabric painting.

You can see pictures of it and read about it here.

The photo I made the fabric painting from
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