Corona Kimono 4/24/20

When I heard that Trump suggested that injecting or ingesting bleach might be a way of preventing the coronavirus, I knew I had my Corona Kimono image for today.

Once again, I think it speaks for itself.

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4 thoughts on “Corona Kimono 4/24/20

  1. I don’t know what your plans for this kimono are, whether you will keep it or sell it. Personally, I would have trouble parting with it. But, if you do decide to sell it, I imagine a grandmother or any wise older woman sitting with a young person(but old enough to grasp the imagery and meaning), and explaining the sections and what our lives were like at this most unlikely moment in world history. I think of our lives as our own personal art projects. What better way to honor and explain a life than with this amazing art!

    1. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the Kimono Pat, but I love your thoughts of how it might someday be shared. And your idea of our lives as personal art.

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