Grazing With The Sheep

This is the kind of video I never could have planned but when it happened it seemed the perfect little story.

My idea was to just get a video of the sheep grazing, their busy mouths and the sound of ripping grass.  But then they all turned and ran, I don’t know why, but being sheep they all followed each other.  Then Zinnia gave the perfect ending.

Sometimes, when you do this kind of thing enough you just get lucky.  The trick is to be able to see the value in what happens that I wasn’t planning on.  Taking pictures and videos of animals has taught me to be ready and appreciate the unexpected.

6 thoughts on “Grazing With The Sheep

  1. What a great video! I thought for a minute there that Zinnia was gonna turn into a sheep-herding dog!

  2. Loved the perspective of your video. The sound of them ripping grass and chewing is quite pleasant. And then there’s the Joy dog! Zinnia is such a carefree little spirit!

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