My First Collage

Remember that little book that Emily gave me?  The one I decided I was going to do some fun collages in.  Well I made my first collage.  I began it yesterday and finished it today.

I’m actually not sure what to think about it yet.  I imagine I’ll get a better feel for the whole thing when I do more of them.

I used what I had in my studio to make it.  A glue stick, markers, pencil, thread and vintage hankies.

I took Emily’s collage advice and just thought that everything  I did would be covered over.   That was freeing and fun and I’m convinced it made my brain work in a new way.

It’s small, maybe 5″x5″ which I think made it easier to work on than if it were a lot bigger.  Less space to fill.  I did like the softness and how unresticted it was compared to sewing.

I’m glad there are a lot of pages in the book.  I have a feeling I’m going to get into this.

4 thoughts on “My First Collage

  1. I have always loved mixed media and collage since I was young. I’m wanting to get back into it, the pieces are mostly there.

    You described it – it is very freeing, it is meant to be a joyful medium I believe.

  2. Hi Maria. I am so grateful how you share thoughts and details of how you make your art work. After 37 years in the classroom, spending most of my time as a 2nd grade teacher, I am now able to do time each day with drawing and creativity. Going through school as a child I loved art. As a teacher I always incorporated art. And now you are inspiring and encouraging me in new ways. I love children’s art as they give themselves freedom in their hearts and minds. Beautiful picture with sunshine and joy. The shoe looks very powerful. Thank you for all your creative sharing.

    1. What lucky kids to have a teacher like you. I love that you see the freedom in kids art and are embracing it in your own art. Have fun and do some more good work. I appreciate you’re writing.

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