Peaceful Swamp

Join me on the path in the woods where the skunk cabbage and ferns grow.  It’s a peaceful swamp and you won’t have to worry about the mosquitos.


4 thoughts on “Peaceful Swamp

  1. Hi Maria
    Our swamp (in Argyle) had a plant we called “cowslip”. It also goes by the name “Marsh Marigold”. Since I was thinking about it I “googled” around a bit and came up with the formal name: “Caltha palustris”. If you search for that exact wording, you’ll get some pages with pictures of a low-growing wetland plant with small yellow flowers. Cowslip (part of the primula family) apparently is quite a common plant in Great Britain–at least what little searching I did almost always referred to UK websites.

    We had a wide variety of spring flowers in the woods and fields–I’d be surprised if you don’t also.

    Love your pics and short videos … and that picture of a smiling Jon posted on his site today is wonderful (I presume you took it.)

    1. I’m going to try and remeber that marsh marigold and cowslip are the same Harriet. And yes, I took that pic of smiling Jon. I had to talk dirty to him to get him to smile:)

  2. Oh, my goodness, Maria, I had forgotten the sounds of those particular birds. When I built my house 30 years ago, I could hear the quail (bobwhite?) and the whip-poor-wills and the rain crow and the wood thrush. I haven’t heard them in a long time. I used to be able to hear owls in the early mornings, not lately. I have read that we have lost half of our bird population in our country. I know some areas have plenty (or too many), but I’m experiencing the loss in my little corner. So, thank you for sharing your world.

    1. Molly I’m so impressed that you know what so many birds sound like. I wish I could identify them. We are fortunate to have the marsh and swamp (that water from that swamp runs into the little stream behind our farm) and so many birds here.I’m so glad I was able to share them with you.

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