What I Saw At The Swamp

One of the ferns growing in the swamp that I saw today

I went to the swamp today to see how the Skunk Cabbage was growing.  But before I got to them, I saw that the ferns were coming up.

I don’t know my ferns, but I’m sure there is someone out there who does. I’d love to hear the differences between the two I saw today if anyone knows.

The other fern

I love the way this fern looks like it’s getting ready to hatch from its “shell”.

I also saw just a few white marsh Violet’s.

Marsh Violet

It’s been so wet and the newts are out.  It always surprises me how many there are and yet, how me and the dogs never seem to step on them.

Finally, I came to the Skunk Cabbage which is slowly sprouting.   It seems that as the leaves get bigger the seed pods start to wither.

Along with all the plants coming up, for the first time, the insects (including mosquitos) were out today too.

Skunk Cabbage




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