Planting Ten Norway Spruce

One of the ten Norway Spruce I planted in the woods today

The ten little Norway Spruce trees came in the mail late yesterday.

They got me out of myself for a while this morning because I had to get them planted.  I took two buckets one with water the other with peat moss, a shovel and some cotton ribbon over the Gulley bridge and into the clearing in the woods.

There are three trees still alive from that I planted in the same spot two years ago.  I counted six feet from one of them and planted the first Norway Spruce sapling. Then I tied a ribbon around it so I could find it easily.

When all the trees were planted I walked back to the stream and filled both buckets with water.

As the cold water sloshed into my boot and I put the buckets down to rest,  I thought of all the stories I’ve read of people hauling water back to their homes. It made me grateful, in a way I hadn’t experienced before for our clean, hot, and cold running water.

I left the red bucket by the pasture gate.  Tomorrow and for the next week,  if it doesn’t rain, I’ll go back and water the trees again.

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to plant at least ten trees a year to replant the trees we burn to keep warm in the winter.  I got this year’s trees from the Arbor Day Society.  Next, I’ll be looking to get some hardwood saplings.

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