Triangles and Eggs, Starting A New Quilt

This morning, after coming back from my walk, I got a cup of tea, my sketch pad and markers and started a drawing of the fish tank.

This afternoon I started working on a new quilt.

Red is what my gut said when I wondered what color it would be.  But when I looked at my shelf of red fabric there wasn’t enough for a whole quilt.

And for the first time, I wondered, since I can’t get to a thrift store if I might at some point run out of fabric.  (Which makes me wonder even more what those last quilts might look like and could I make them before they were the last pieces of fabric I had left to work with)

Now my practical self spoke up.  Red and some other colors, it said.

Looking at the beginnings of this quilt, I see that eggs and triangles seem to be a theme.  Not a conscious decision, but there it is anyway.

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