What I Found In The Pasture

Deer bone

I went looking again in the pasture to see if I could find the Bloodroot that was growing there last year.  So far I haven’t seen a trace of it. But I did find this deer bone which had been gnawed on, probably by small rodents over the winter.

Then I saw these very happy violets growing next to a pile of donkey manure.  Next year they’ll probably be twice as big!

I also came upon this owl pellet. All fur and bones, regurgitated about the owl digested the nutritious parts of whatever animals this was.


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4 thoughts on “What I Found In The Pasture

  1. You mentioned bloodroots are absent. I noticed my large drifts are conspicuously absent this year. I dug up a few rhizomes and they looked blackened with sparse roots. I live in Michigan in a high area where weather effects are strong. I believe unusual shifts in temperature and precipitation last winter are behind this.

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