Working On My Red Quilt

I got some work done on my quilt today.  Adding the deco-like fabric at the top moved it in a new direction. It seems to be more than just triangles and eggs now, so I’m not sure of the name.  I don’t know how to think about it, but I can feel it.

I got a 30-yard roll of cotton quilt batting delivered today. I ran out last week.  It feels good knowing it’s here so I can finish my quilt when I’m done designing it.  I’m still waiting for some thread I ordered over two weeks ago, so I feel fortunate that the batting came so quickly.

2 thoughts on “Working On My Red Quilt

  1. Adding the blue was brilliant. Fire and serenity. So interesting how colors, and patterns, in combination create unique energies. When my scalp or legs tingle I know I’m on to something good. Enjoy your work. It matters.

    1. Oh I like that Donna, Fire and serenity. And you’re so right about the energy of a quilt found in the colors and patterns. I never quite thought of it that directly. I also appreciate your saying my work matters. I can see that very clearly in terms of energy.

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