Barred Owl Call Between The Raindrops

It was raining lightly as Fate, Zinnia and I walked through the woods.

I heard the owl call in the distance and stopped to listen.  After a while, I heard another owl answer the first.  They went back and forth a few times, calling and answering before I saw one of them fly over the treetops and back into the woods.

It was when the two were together that I took this video recording the sounds they made.



9 thoughts on “Barred Owl Call Between The Raindrops

  1. We have a Barred Owl that continues to visit a hollow in one of our trees. It’s a familiar call I enjoy hearing. Unfortunately it also attracts crows who swoop down at it and try to peck it when it flies off. They make quite a ruckus!

  2. oH mARIA, It doesn’t get better than that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never and would have never have heard an owl – let alone TWO – in my life if not for your video and the light rain makes it just magical – CAMELOT woods.

  3. Beautiful video. I loved listening to all the sounds, the crunching of the leaves as you walked and the birds. I miss my barn owls. I set up a barn owl box in my back pasture and twice a year, the barn owls raised their young. When I walked by, I could see their little muppet heads in there. When they fledged, they would hop down onto my redwood trees and screech with excitement while they learned how to fly. Your forest is magical Maria. Love your

    1. Oh Janet, what a wonderful thing to have seen and heard. How lucky you are to have been able to experience that. And I can only imagine how much you miss seeing them. Makes me want to get an owl box for the barn. I never thought of doing that before.

  4. Maria, THRILLING – i would’ve thought they were coyotes but now that I listen closely i can hear the Hoot-Hoot!
    My heart is racing – i would never have heard that sound in my lifetime. Wish I had $ for the Nature Conservancy.

    1. It was exciting to hear Eileen. I may not have known what it was if I only heard those strange noises they were making. But I heard the distinct hooting before I took the video.

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