Corona Kimono 5/11/20

Jon got off the phone with Sue Silverstein, the teacher from Bishop Maginn he works with to help the students who go there.  He told me about one of the students that I met when I visited the school with him,  who is quarantined in her home with her whole family.

They all have the coronavirus.  And they, like so many of the families that Sue knows, have run out of food.

Every week I send Sue two or three envelopes with  Price Chopper gift cards that people have donated. She then distributes them to the families who need them most.

This got me thinking  of all the money the government has given to big corporations yet there are so many people all over the county without food. And how minorities and people without money are disproportionately dying from the coronavirus.

It’s that story of the rich and poor that never seems to change.

So far The Army of Good has contributed over $12,000 to help feed families who are hungry.  Some people donate large amounts of money and some as small as $5.  It all helps.  And this is the beauty, the other side of that very well known story.

I had to include it in my Corona Kimono.


6 thoughts on “Corona Kimono 5/11/20

  1. This is turning into an amazing piece of art “history.” Hopefully it eventually finds a home in a museum! It is very beautiful and is telling an unbelievable story.

  2. Maria, I see this kimono as a painfully beautiful diary of this strange time in our lives. I also see it hanging somewhere, on permanent display in a gallery, as a reminder to people of the best and the worst of humans. We all get to decide who we want to be, and what we want to believe and do – good or evil, kindness or apathy, light or dark.

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