6 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 5/11/20

  1. Thank you for sharing this Monday Morning farm video. I love the Donkey talking, and the sheep and dogs. It made me smile, and that is not a small thing. I appreciate all the posts and the art. Maria, you inspire and bring soul to all you do.

  2. Helllloooo, Lulu, what a bray! And Zinnia looked like she was flying as she sailed over the flowers from the front porch. Happy animals and sounds always brings joy to my heart.

  3. Oh I LOVED this video, Maria! Lulu braying at you – omg – she sounded so plaintive! I enjoy watching the animals all watch you, expectantly. I like to think it’s the look of love, and maybe it is, but it’s more likely the look of “does she have food?” Your farm is just paradise!

    1. I love hearing their brays Karla. And I do think they always want food, but they want attention in other ways too. They love to be scratched and brushed and have their hoves trimmed. They also like when we just sit together. Maybe as much as I enjoy it!

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