Greener Grass

I took a walk into the back pasture and the sheep and donkeys followed me.  I saw on the other side of the fence I put up months ago to keep Griselle from wandering in the way back part of the pasture, that the grass was tall and green.

So I untied the temporary fence and in streamed the very happy sheep and donkeys.

I could actually smell the fresh grass as they cut it with their teeth and swallowed it.  Much the same smell as when the lawn is mowed.

It’s only a small area that had been fenced off, but I think of it like a piece of chocolate cake or a mango.  Something to gobble up and thoroughly enjoy until it’s all gone.

4 thoughts on “Greener Grass

  1. Such a beautiful pastoral scene. Thank you, Maria.
    We need to see such things of beauty especially at this dark time. It is good the soul and food for thought.

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