Getting Close To Brown Hen

While our White Hen seems to fear nothing (not even Zinnia chasing her) Brown Hen is much more elusive.

Usually, she won’t let me get close enough to her to take get her picture. But lately, I’ve been sitting on the porch with the cats while they eat to protect their food from the hens.

Actually, at the same time, I’m trying to keep the hens away, I’m encouraging them to come when the cats eat because when I sit there I also throw food to the hens.

I know it’s counterproductive, but I enjoy it, the cats to get to eat and the chickens get a treat too.

So because I’ve been doing this, Brown Hen has been getting closer and closer to me.  Close enough for me to take her picture.

Her feet aren’t feathered like our white hen, although I think they’re still impressive.  And her feathers have beautiful colors and patterns. But I’m not sure what kind of hen she is.  We were told she was an Ameraucana but she doesn’t lay blue eggs like Ameraucana’s do. Not that it matters, she lays delicious brown eggs almost every day in the warmer weather.

Maybe soon she’ll be eating out of my hand.

6 thoughts on “Getting Close To Brown Hen

  1. Just wanted to share a quick story. About 5 years ago just before spring one of my husband rooster came I to our garage to hang out. We let him come up and he to would eat cat food, so I named him George. George believe or not had a special talent. He learned to use the cat’s litter box and never made a mess in the garage. I told his story to the local newspaper and submitted his picture and he was recognized as a very amazing rooster

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you the picture was of George sitting in the litter box.. He was the talk of the town weeks!

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