Mock Strawberries and Turkey Eggs

The sun came out as if welcoming us as we walked through the field that leads to the path in the woods.  Today there were big black clouds, blue sky and sunshine, wind, rain and even some hail.

Every time the sun came out I thanked it.   I’m ready for some sunshine.

Wild strawberries are going in the field.  No berries yet, but the flowers are blooming.

And these small yellow flowers popped their small heads through the thatch of last year’s grass. I didn’t know what it was.   They appeared to have the same leaves as strawberries, so when I got home I Googled them.

Turns out they’re a cousin of the strawberry known by a few different names including mock strawberries.  They do get a red fruit, but it apparently doesn’t taste very good.

Once we got into the woods, I didn’t see any new flowers, but at one point Fate stopped along the path.  She was perfectly still, pointed her nose and curled her front foot in a classic calendar pose.  I couldn’t see what she was looking at.

Then in a big clatter, a turkey rose up off the ground and flew into the trees.

Fate started nosing around on the ground and that’s when I saw the turkey eggs in the leaves. We moved on quickly so the mother turkey could get back to her nest.

Before we got back to my car, Zinnia washed the mud that caked her legs and face when she ran through the marsh, in the pond.  She still doesn’t know she can swim, but one of these days she’ll figure it out.

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