New Canvas For My Work Table

Putting new canvas on my work table.

I guess if my studio was bigger I could have worked with the mess around me.  But it just came down to not having enough space.  It took me all morning to fold and put away the fabric.  Then since I was in clean-up mode I recovered my work table with a new piece of canvas.

I had cut a hole in the old one months ago and it was getting bigger and bigger.  It was also stained from the crocheted lace I dyed red for my Three Graces fabric painting.

Then, of course, since I pulled the table away from the wall, I could clean behind it.  And I was able to rearrange things so I could get my new roll of batting, which was taking up precious floor space, under the table.

I didn’t get to use it much today, but I’m looking forward to working on my new table top tomorrow.

The new canvas on my worktable.

2 thoughts on “New Canvas For My Work Table

  1. I recently read that canvas is a preferred fabric for homemade masks. I’m certainly not telling you what to make or which fabric to use but thought I’d just mention it since I’m sure you didn’t toss out your old canvas covering!! I remember you making some art (pot holders maybe) using little tiny scraps left over from big scraps! 🙂

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