The Twins, Asher And Issachar



Asher and Issachar, the Blueface Leicester/Romney/Cormo twins that we got from our shearer Liz last year are still are the most friendly sheep I’ve ever had.

Sometimes they act more like goats than sheep. Issachar often eats from the feeder with his front legs in it.  And both of them love to climb up on the gate and stick their heads over the top of if.

In this picture, Asher is trying to get a piece of pineapple from the bowl I’m holding with the pineapple skin and core.

Because they were bottle-fed as lambs (their mother was too sick to feed them) they got attached to people.  They often follow me around more like a dog would.

Their wool is so thick and lush, I can’t wait to have them shorn to see what it will be like.

And even though they can be a little pushy sometimes, they never get aggressive and are really very gentle.

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