The Smell of Growing

The little creek that leaves the pond for the marsh

Warm, moist air, the smell of green. I feel it on my skin as much as breathe it in.   Is this the smell that the sheep and donkeys will break through a fence to get at?  I can’t blame them.   It must be like smelling bread baking in the oven.

And I don’t even want to eat it, I just want to be in it.

It makes sense to me that as the tender leaves on the tip of every branch of the old maple spring open to finally embrace the sunlight they’d exhale a smell.

I had to wonder if the birds smelled the growing too.  They all seemed to be out this morning.

Groups of two or more Canada Geese flew low enough for me to hear the squeak of their wings,  as I spread hay in the feeders.

The barn swallows raced out of the barn swooping and twirling like acrobats in a circus. The yellow belly of a goldfinch sparked against the gray sky. And every bird I couldn’t see I could hear in their continuous song over the mash.

This is the smell that made me want to break out of the classroom and later whatever job I was working at and run for my life. But today, I just open my studio door and let it in.  It fills the space, and me, as I work.

8 thoughts on “The Smell of Growing

  1. What a beautiful picture and description of spring!! Thank you
    So uplifting and heals the ❤️

  2. Maria, I wrote ‘the bread knows the feel of my hands’ and you wrote ‘the smell of growing grass’ and the sheep must know it too. Only one of my own could have known that to write it? You cannot teach something like that. Veronica

  3. I love that smell! Last night we had a lovely rain without our usual wind. The smell afterwards was exhilarating! It’s the smell of hope, new life, and rebirth! Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture with your words!

  4. I agree with you Maria, the smell of Spring would drive me wild when I was in school, and all I wanted was to be outside! I read the most wonderful book, The Hidden Life of Trees, and was delighted to find out that they breathe, they talk to each other through scent, and they count the number of days above a certain temperature before they send out leaves – omg it made me appreciate them so much more!!! Being outside is my church, where I am connected to my inner being the best. Nature is like animals – no judgement, just love.

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