On Our Walk In The Woods

I found a circle of bark on our walk in the woods today.  I kept looking through it as if when I did a whole new world might appear.  It didn’t, but still, what I saw had a magic of its own.


I spotted this beautifully worn Trillium popping out of last year’s leaf cover.

We were careful not to let the dogs bother the Turkey sitting on her eggs, but she did fly off long before we got to her nest.  Further along on the path, we found these two eggs.  One was cracked.  I don’t know if an animal took them and was run off and left them or if a turkey laid them in the middle of the path.

Zinnia was very interested in the broken egg, but we didn’t let her get too close and left the eggs to their fate.


4 thoughts on “On Our Walk In The Woods

  1. Forests are magical places. There’s always something new to discover. They seem to spark creativity yet also have a calming effect on the spirit too. Mother Nature at her best!

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