The Twins Are Growing Up


Somehow over the past few weeks, it seems to me that the twins Asher and Issachar have grown up. Their faces are filling out becoming broader.  They look more mature.  Asher even has some white markings on his face that weren’t there before.  For the first time, I can see how handsome they really are.

That’s not to say they still don’t act like teenagers, but I imagine that will begin to change too.

Issachar and Liam hanging out together.

4 thoughts on “The Twins Are Growing Up

  1. In these photos it looks as if the twins’ coats have gotten lighter. They both looked almost black when they first came to Bedlam Farm. Am I correct? Have their coats gotten lighter? Is it just the light, or am I imagining the change?

    1. They are ligther Jane. Asher’s was alway a little more dusty than Issachar, but the sun bleaches them. That’s one of the reasons people put coats on their sheep. But underneath, the wool close to their skin I’m sure is as black as it was last fall.

  2. They really do look so grown up. I hadn’t realized how young they really were. Gorgeous boys, Liam approves.

    It will be fun for Liz to shear them and see how well they are doing, though she knew it would be a wonderful home obviously, she chose you.

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