Collage II

Collage II

I keep meaning to take pictures of the collages as I’m working on them to show the progress, but I keep forgetting.  These pieces pull me in.  It feels obsessive like they won’t let me stop working on them until they’re done.

After my hour-long break at the  Co-op this afternoon I came home planning to blog so I could get done early enough to read before going to bed.  (I’m reading Frida In America, The Awakening Of A Great Artist by Ceila Stahr).

But all I had to do was glance at the collage drying on the floor of my studio and I was right back at it.

I stopped to help Jon make dinner and closed up my studio.  I knew if I went back I’d never get to my blog. (I doubt I’ll get to my email tonight and I know I have orders for my new magnets to fill).

I know this piece needs more work and I have a couple of ideas what comes next.  I’ve gotten to the point where I can look at the collages, and as happens with my quilts and fabric paintings, they tell me what to do next.  Or give me a good idea anyway.

I love all the texture and the way one image bleeds into the next, sometimes obscuring it and other times enhancing it.

And there are also area’s that I feel stand out on their own, like the doorway in this collage.

A close up from the collage


7 thoughts on “Collage II

  1. What glue are you using? I forgot to write it down.


    PS I click to box to be notified of follow-up comments, but have not received notification so far.

    1. I’m using Matt Medium. YOu can paint and draw over it. I’ll check into your not getting the follow-ups Kathryn. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. I just left a comment on your other post about that collage, and now love this one too. I absolutely understand how obsessive it can be. I feel the same way about collage. Can’t wait to see how this all progresses!

  3. Hi Maria

    I am so thankful for you mentioning the new book “Frida In America, The Awakening Of A Great Artist” by Ceila Stahr. I didn’t know about it. I can’t wait for my library to open up. I am in Southeast Pennsylvania + we are not opened up yet. This is very exciting!

    1. I’ve only just started it Janet, but so far I’m loving it. I hope to spend some time with it this weekend. It’s inspiring.

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