Collage II… Continued

Once again, my collage sucked me in.

It’s was after 4pm when I got done doing my shipping and feeding the animals.  I went to my studio thinking I’d place my orders with A&M Printers and blog.

But then I looked at yesterday’s collage.

That’s all I had to do, was give it one little look.  I’m beginning to see the collages like I do my quilts.  Like a puzzle to be solved.  And it’s hard for me to leave it alone until I do.

I knew there was too much going on in the collage.  There wasn’t enough distinction between the elements.  And as much as I liked the little window to the left of the room, I decided it needed to go.

So I cut and ripped and pulled it off.

Even before I did that, I kept seeing lines behind the figure to the right of the door.  So I drew them in with marker. I thought it game some cohesiveness to the top of the piece.


I couldn’t quite see what color should surround the room.  I had a feeling it needed to be very solid, to contrast it with all the texture.  So I tried using fabric, but it was too different from the rest of the piece.  Finally, I remembered I had some colored pencils in the house.

Just the right blue jumped out at me.

But after I boxed the room in it felt detached from the rest of the piece. So I cut away the blue at the bottom and extended the black and white floor.

Then I used some pink and orange paint and pencil to fill in the silhouette bust  toward the bottom to give it more definition and keep the eye moving around the piece.

This is where I landed with it tonight.  I’m going to leave my studio without looking at it again.  Because I know what will happen if I do.

4 thoughts on “Collage II… Continued

  1. Love this. I won’t keep bothering you with my comments, but this feels like such an exploration of interior spaces and identity and how those relate to the outdoor world. So enjoying watching you. Hope you are relishing these days!

    1. I am Donna. And I love your comments. I have always been interested in spaces inside and out. Even the spaces between the limbs of a tree. Anyplace I can “go” I like to explore in one way or another.

  2. I am really captivated by and enjoying your collages Maria. They are dimensional on so many levels. I feel that I could not only walk right through your blue door but also that I would be welcome to do so. Come in and explore Maria’s world! Whimsical and warm! Your self portraits and shadow photos really add a ethereal and mystical perspective…looking in but also looking out! Every little space is so interesting. Feels like I’m reading an intimate and intricate picture book and can fantasize my own stories! I just want to explore! Really amazing! Just lovely!

    1. It’s good to hear you see all of that in them Kathye. Thank you. I’ve always been intrigued by layering and spaces. Now that you say it, it feels like a natural medium for me.

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