Shadow Of The Wind, A Thirty Second Meditation

I walked into the office/guestroom to get my colored pencils when I saw the shadow of the curtain blowing in the wind on the floor.

I ran back to my studio to get my iPhone.  Shadows are constantly changing and never last long.

This is one Thirty Second Meditation that I wish lasted longer(as long as I actually watched the shadow at least).  I love the way the shadow moves and its fuzzy outline so much I could just keep looking at it.

7 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Wind, A Thirty Second Meditation

  1. Maria, you encourage the artist in everyone. We then observe and appreciate our connection to all of life. The simple habits serve to make us better people. Such a big step we take. Thank you. Veronica

  2. As I watched the shadow move I saw the face of a flamingo on the left and wise owl eyes to the right. Beautiful and soothing! Thank you

    1. I usually see faces and animals in things Josie, but I didn’t see it in this. I think I was just captivated by the line and movement.

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