Taking Care Of Business

Bud and Zinnia visited me while I was doing my shipping today.

I did not spend today in my studio as I have the past three days. Today I was busy taking care of business.

I got lots of orders for my Show You Soul, I Am Enough, and Twin Healing Tree magnets. (Thank you all!) so I spent a good part of my day in my shipping office/guestroom.

I got to the post office just before they closed.

I sold out of my Twin Healing Trees postcards and I ran out of business cards.  Luckily I had a bunch of my old business cards so I’m using them till I can get more.

While I was at the post office I saw that the door to A&M printers was open.  (They’re conveniently right  across the street).  So I’m assuming they have reopened.  I didn’t get a chance to email them my orders, but I’ll do it tonight and hope that they really are open for business again.

While I was upstairs working  Bud and Zinnia came to keep me company for a little while.  Then around 3pm Fate and Zinnia came up to remind me it was time to feed the donkeys and sheep.


6 thoughts on “Taking Care Of Business

  1. In the first picture of the dogs Zinnia looks like she is laughing at some joke you made! I am shocked how big that one is getting! I love the pictures of the dogs, they are such characters!!

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