Lulu Enjoying Spring Grass in Slow Motion

Did the grass really grow overnight.  It seems to have.  Slow, slow and then suddenly there it is.  Like watching the night lighten into day, or watching my Painted Lady caterpillars grow.

This morning the grass was long enough to let the animals out to graze.

Of course, they tore into the grass, but I slowed it down a bit taking this video of Lulu eating in slowmotion.  I love to watch how her lips reach out and her nose crinkle gathering the grass then breaking it off.

4 thoughts on “Lulu Enjoying Spring Grass in Slow Motion

  1. Oh! Thank you for this. Equine lips are so wonderful and I do miss them, having given up horses 8 years ago. I can even smell that grass as Lulu wraps her lips around it and breaks it off.

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