This Year’s Back Porch Garden

My Back Porch Garden (Minnie is sleeping on my Rapunzel Chair and Flo is napping by the cactus)

I took a break from gardening when our friends Kitty and Charlie came for lunch and to pick up more donkey manure (in that order).  Yesterday we sat outside visiting with our friend Jackie and today Kitty and Charlie came with a picnic lunch for themselves while Jon and I ate some of the food we got at the Farmers Market.

Somehow it didn’t even seem strange that they brought their own lunch, we were just glad to be sitting around together talking.

After they left I got to work on the back porch garden.

On June 10th the company who is installing our solar panels are coming and they’ll be digging a trench through one of my small gardens.  So I dug up the plants and moved them to my back porch garden.

Then I brought my potted fig tree up from it’s winter home in the basement.  I decided to put it in the garden this year.  And I had the perfect place for it.  Right where the cats have been peeing all spring.

I tried to fill in every empty space in the garden with plants or rocks so they wouldn’t just find another place to call their own.  I planted some zinnia and marigold seeds around the pansies and in a few places I planted seeds and laid chickenwire over them so the cats won’t dig them up.

I have my fingers crossed.

I still have to put the dahlia’s in and work on the wildflower garden.  But I feel good about the work I did today and now can’t wait to do some more.

2 thoughts on “This Year’s Back Porch Garden

  1. Thanks for sharing the tip about chicken wire and trying to keep the cat’s out of your garden. I may try it myself. This year I found some old sheer curtains that I put over the top of my fence, so far the cat’s have stayed out of my flowers . And they are doing well.

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