“One Pink Boot” In My Freedom Book


“One Pink Boot”

Once a week Emily Gold (a fellow Bellydancer) and I have a Zoom Studio Share.  We talk mostly about what art we made that week.

This week Emily was working on animating one of her drawings.  (you can see some of her work including some of her animations here) and I showed her my collages.

Emily has been doing collage for a long time.  She was the one who inspired and encouraged me to try it.

I was telling her how I realize that I’m just learning how to use the different materials. And that I’m still very unsure about what I’m doing.  Although I do have the feeling that the pieces are, like my other work, beginning to let me know what they want.

One of the things we talked about was keeping the subject matter simple.  Either repeating one image or idea or just creating a ground with the collage and then having one image or idea that the piece is about.

It was with our conversation in mind that I made the collage above.

The photo below is what the collage looked like yesterday.

A part of me wonders about covering up all those interesting images.  But I’m thinking that maybe all of that is necessary to get to the point where I am now.  That the images, composition and color wouldn’t have happened without first laying down all drawings, fabric, paper etc. that I did.

2 thoughts on ““One Pink Boot” In My Freedom Book

  1. The colors of the revamped collage are wonderful and the pattern seems smoother, but miss seeing the butterfly and leaves in the upper right. You’re doing a beautiful job.

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