Integrated Self

Integrated Self 7 1/2″x11″

I knew the collage I was working on, using the imagery from the shadow photos that I took of me and the sheep, was really two separate pieces.

When I cut them apart, their meanings became clear to me.   In this collage, I see the integrated self.

There’s the younger more self-conscious me next to the older self.  There’s the ghost of growth and change.  And we are all surrounded by the sheep, the familiars who aid in the transformation.

A work in progress, we all reside in the same space.

I wrote on my blog about the other half of the collage called “I Belong To Me“.   I can see now they are both about transformation.   Maybe it’s the subliminal effect my artist residency is having on me made visible in the work I’m doing during it.

2 thoughts on “Integrated Self

  1. It never ceases to amaze me what can come from a collage. A few years ago I was facilitating a workshop on our inner child and out from my collage pieces came something I’d never told anyone of being touched inappropriately as a child. It was the beginning of a needed healing journey for me.

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