My Corona Housewife Magnets, Censored By Etsy…..For Sale Here

My Corona Housewife Magnet.  It’s 5″ x 3 3/4 ” and is $7.  Just click on the button below to buy it.

“…we’ve removed items from your shop, in accordance with our Prohibited Items Policy.” Was what the email I got from Etsy this morning read.

When I looked in my Etsy Shop I saw that my Corona Housewife Magnet was no longer there.  It seems anything to do with the virus is immediately removed.

Etsy is afraid of offending.

I’m sure a real person did not look at my magnet and judge it offensive.  I imagine it was software that made that decision.

Since I can’t sell my magnets that speak of this time and what so many women are going through in my Etsy Shop where they would get the most exposure,  I’m selling them right here instead.

There’s an Add to Cart button below that you can use to automatically buy my Corona Housewives Magnet.  They’re $7 each including shipping. Clicking on that button allows you to buy as many magnets as you want and to pay for them using paypal or a credit card.

Or if you prefer, you can  send a check to Full Moon Fiber Art PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816 or email me at [email protected]

Just because Etsy won’t sell my magnets, that’s no reason I can’t.

8 thoughts on “My Corona Housewife Magnets, Censored By Etsy…..For Sale Here

  1. It’s not a fear of offending—they made a decision in March to ban all merchandise referencing the coronavirus to keep opportunistic sellers from exploiting the pandemic for profit. It was a good decision, even though they needed to use a sledgehammer to get it done.

    1. Ah there you go Finn. That’s how naive I am, I’d never think of someone trying to exploit the pandemic, but of course that’s a reality. It is too bad it can’t be more nuianced but little is these days.

  2. When you experience the excessive price gouging going on here in many of our shops, there is a LOT of exploitation of the pandemic for profit going on. The other day I looked at annuals outside a nearby grocery store and they wanted $24.95 for a teenie tiny 4″ pot filled with one teenie tiny New Guinea impatiens! They also had a few 10″ shallow pots of combined annuals for $125 each! Many other small pots of single annuals, which in any other “normal year” you’d pick up for 99 cents each, sat languishing on their shelves with price stickers starting at $19.99 per pot. Mind boggling. If this isn’t exploitation of the pandemic for profit, I don’t know what is. Needless to say, I did not buy anything.

    What about the Etsy elastic sellers and the mask makers, etc., etc.? Most with exhorbitant prices attached to them.

    I can’t believe Etsy refused your magnets, but I’m glad you were able to get around the problem Maria!

  3. I looked on Etsy and I’m seeing a lot of other items…especially t-shirts. If they’re banning everything that references it, they’re not doing a very good job, I’m so sorry to see that, Maria. Your magnet is such an innocent creative item to post. I’ve been doing so much SMH lately, I told my husband I’m about to get whiplash!! ☺️

  4. So sorry you’ve run up against this selective judgment. I love that you quickly made a successful end run around them.
    You go, girl!

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