Backing My Quilt After All This Time

It was an email from someone asking about my quilts that got me moving on making the backing for my quilt that’s been hanging on my wall longer than any I can remember.

I started the quilt when we began Sheltering-in-place.  Now things are beginning to open up again and I’m going to finish it.

It took me a while to find the fabric that would be right for the back.  I wasn’t completely certain of them until I saw the quilt hanging in my studio, ready for tacking.  I like the mix of hard lines and florals.

I’ll tack it tomorrow with red yarn, I think.

4 thoughts on “Backing My Quilt After All This Time

  1. I love using a variety of fabric for quilt backing, it gives it more personality! That quilt is pretty and bold at the same time! Beautiful work Maria!

    1. Sometimes I have a piece of fabric big enough for the backs Josie, when I don’t have one that’s the right color, I make one.

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