My Favorite Iris

I haven’t had a large variety of Iris’s in my gardens but I’ve seen them in so many different colors.  Still, my favorite is this purple and yellow one.

They grew at the Victorian House I lived in on Long Island and always felt like old souls to me.

When we moved to the farm and I saw them growing in the old garden by the back porch and I knew I was home.

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Iris

  1. My mother loves Iris. She was active in the local Iris Society and traveled all over the United States and Canada going to Iris conventions. She was a judge and even flew to New Zealand to be a speaker at their convention.
    It’s wonderful to see them in your garden. Unfortunately, I don’t have the commitment my mom has.

  2. Maria-Do the purple iris smell like grapes or grape jelly? I used to have some purple iris that someone had given me that smelled like that. I’ve moved around a lot over the years and for several moves I brought the iris with me but we eventually had a winter move and wasn’t able to.

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