A Wonderful Grid

I can hear the quilt tops that Margaret sent flapping on the line, in the gentle wind as I write this.  And the small rectangles of fabric, which came to me pinned together in bundles, are drying on the canvas on my studio floor.

Oh, how I loved laying them out, looking at each one with hardly a pattern repeated. I knew they would make a wonderful grid.

My first thought was to use them in potholders, my second, to use them in a collage.

Right now, I just like looking at them as they are.

2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Grid

  1. good day, maria…i can see this piece framed.. representing all of us.. how we are each of different shapes, colors and sizes but joined .. or, hopefully, joining together for the greater good of each other’s lives.. joy and happiness radiate from this collection. btw, your kimono should be a museum or gallery piece. it is a true work of art… interesting to watch for each new addition you make although it will be a celebration when you won’t have to make any more statements about “the virus”!!

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