My Email To Etsy About Censoring My Corona Housewife Magnet

My Corona Housewife Magnet for sale right here, just click on the button below.  They’re $7 each including shipping.

 This is the email I sent to Etsy in reply to them prohibiting my Corona Housewife Magnet from being sold in my Etsy Shop:

I read your policies and do not see why my magnet should be prohibited from being sold on Etsy.  

I don’t understand how my magnet is different from all the Tshirts that are being sold on Etsy referring to the Corona Virus. Except that my message is more important than some of the ones I see on the Tshirts. 

My magnets are making an important point about one of the effects of the virus on many women.  A point I have witnessed and read about.  This magnet affirms what many women are experiencing during this time and gives voice to that phenomenon.   People are buying them to give to friends and family as a way of saying they understand this hardship they are experiencing.  

I included links to articles about how this is happening to women not just in the United States, but in many countries around the world.  I signed it saying I hope they change their decision.

I don’t imagine anyone will read my email, but when I saw that I could reply to it, I did.  If there’s a way to contact someone at Etsy I haven’t been able to figure it out.  Maybe you have to be more tech-savvy than I am.
I was ready to just give in to it when I first got the email from Etsy.  I knew I’d be battling with a system that has no space for nuance or a real human to talk to.  But then I got a few emails, one defending Etsy and the rest sympathetic to my issue.
When someone mentioned the Tshirts that are being sold on Etsy,  (Some referring to both the coronavirus and Corona beer) I took a look and the idea of Etsy prohibiting my magnets made less sense than ever.
So I’ll see what happens.  But even without Etsy, I’m determined to sell my Corona Housewife Magnets.
They are 5″x3 3/4″ and are $7 each including shipping.
To buy them you can click on the “Add to cart” button below and use PayPal or a credit card.  Or you can send a check to:  Full Moon Fiber Art PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.  You can also email me at [email protected].

8 thoughts on “My Email To Etsy About Censoring My Corona Housewife Magnet

  1. I read the policies too as I sell sometimes. And the only way I could see it being reported was if someone took offense to it that looked at it and reported it so they yanked it. It will be interesting to see what they say to you.

    1. Hi Mary, They told me they were continually scanning Etsy to keep up with their policies, so I might see something for sale that they haven’t gotten to yet. I still don’t see a problem with my magnet, but at least they did explain it better the third time I asked about it.

  2. Hi Maria,
    I hope this question is not offensive to you. I wonder if you would explain what your magnet is saying. It seems to me that both men and women are having to stay home together.

  3. Perhaps this censure episode will become an entry on the Kimono; it is a historical part of what is happening.

  4. Maybe a woman’s face with a finger or hand over the mouth to represent the thought….” Shhh don’t say such things, it could be offensive.”

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