Our Painted Lady Butterflies Emerge

First, there was one and by the time we finished eating breakfast the other three Painted Lady butterflies had emerged from their cocoons.

I didn’t get to see any of them coming out.  But I did observe how slow they were to move once they had emerged.

At first, I expect them to immediately flap their wings or eat from the orange slices they were perched on. But the more they didn’t move the more I  thought about how important it is to rest and allow for all the changes a metamorphosis needs in order to happen.

Watching the butterflies be so still reminded me of seeing Jon in ICU just after his Open-Heart surgery.

I got the distinct feeling that his consciousness was occupying only a small part of him.  That his body needed every ounce of energy and will to recover from the trauma it had just been through.

Eventually, the first butterfly to emerge unrolled its curled proboscis and touched it to the orange slice, eating.  I was hoping to get a video of that when it surprised me and flew, testing out its wings.

There is still one butterfly that hasn’t emerged.  But she molted into a chrysalis a day later than the others.  Once she emerges, we’ll give them all a day or so more to strengthen their wings, then we’ll let them go.

4 thoughts on “Our Painted Lady Butterflies Emerge

  1. The process of metamorphosis amazes me every time! If you have dill in your garden watch for the Swallowtail butterflies. They lay their eggs in dill and that is the only thing their caterpillars eat. They spin their chrysalis differently than the Painted Lady larve . Mother Nature is fascinating indeed! Enjoy your beautiful Painted Ladies

  2. Maria, I will be happy to send you some dill seed from my crop later this summer! I always let 2 to 3 plants seed, it reseeds my garden and I collect enough seed to plant since sometimes the birds eat what drops off the plants.

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