Back Porch In Moonlight

It was 1:44 when the cold wind blowing in the small kneeling window next to our bed work me up.   I pulled the thin blanket up around my shoulders to warm me before getting up to close the window.

Outside I could see the moon shadow of the big maple swaying in the wind.

The full moon was on Friday, but I can’t believe it was any brighter outside then than it was last night.

I wanted to feel the moonlight on me, so I went downstairs and out the back door where I was greeted by Minnie meowing as if it was morning.

The moon was high in the sky throwing light and shadows everywhere.

I thought that I’d like to experience a full moon night the way the animals do.  To sit in the pasture and walk in the woods, getting to know this other side of them.  Someday, maybe,  I thought,  but not tonight.

Chilly and tired I went back to bed.


2 thoughts on “Back Porch In Moonlight

    1. There is a setting on my iPhone camera to take pictures in the dark Fran. I haven’t used it a lot, but it does some interesting things.

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