Painted Lady Butterflies, Fly Away


I reached my hand into the butterfly mesh and after just a few seconds one of the butterflies hopped onto my finger.  I pulled my hand out and held it up.  I was standing by the back porch garden and Jon was taking a video to send to the graduating class at Bishop Maginn Highschool.

The butterfly flew off my hand and up towards the roof of the house then disappeared.

I did that four more times until all the butterflies were free.

Sue Silverstein asked Jon, me, and Zinnia to make a video for the kids last week.  But we kept forgetting. Then today, it seemed perfect to have the release of the butterflies we watched morph from caterpillars over the past two weeks be a part of the video.

I didn’t know if the butterflies would just fly out of the mesh when I opened the top.  I was glad to be able to have them on my finger for a while, to get a better look at them.  It also felt like a proper goodbye.  It made me so happy to see them all fly away.

Maggie left me a comment saying that the butterflies will lay eggs in the garden that will hatch next year. So in a way, our Painted Lady Butterflies will be back.




10 thoughts on “Painted Lady Butterflies, Fly Away

  1. Lucky Painted Lady butterflies to have their beginnings on Bedlam Farm and hopefully be there to color the landscape for many generations to come.
    And Congratulations to all the Bishop Maginn graduates as they venture out into THEIR new world!

    1. I only learned that after I got them Lynn, I do love that they will lay eggs and be a part of the farm. I’ll have to keep my gardens healthy for them. I too am excited for the Bishop Maginn Graduates. So much possibility ahead for them.

  2. I marvel that the caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly that can fly is all genetically programmed in. And humans, with all they can do, cannot fly.

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