Light In The Woods, A Peaceful Moment

I didn’t get to take a walk in the woods today, but I did yesterday.   And on that walk I took this video.

So this evening, after spending the day on my computer shipping out my Corona Housewife Magnets, I watched my video and had a moment of peace.

I hope you will too.

10 thoughts on “Light In The Woods, A Peaceful Moment

    1. I’m finding out that they really are Marilyn, especially summer. I never walked there in summer before because the grass leading the woods gets too tall and the ticks are out. But I think I’m going to get a weed wacker and keep the grasses low this year. I’m finding the woods magical.

  1. Beautiful, Maria. I love the light in the woods too and the whole atmosphere. Very peaceful. Thanks for sharing your walk!

  2. Love the stacked rock fence. Wonder if this area was more open in the past and the fence put up to keep stock from straying, or if it’s a property border. I enjoyed the walk in the woods, too.

    1. It was more open Kaaren, we put the fence up, I think the rock wall did that work before we came to the farm. But we didn’t trust it to keep the sheep and donkeys in.

    1. I’m sure it is Vikki. I haven’t looked into the history of our house much but I’ve heard that there were many sheep farms in the area. We also have a lot of wild apple trees, so I’m sure there were orchards too.

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