“We Haven’t Cooked This Much Since The 50’s”. Corona Housewife Magnets For Sale.

My Corona Housewife Magnets.

I sold 53 Corona Housewife Magnets, without the help of Etsy, over the weekend.

Thank you, everyone, who bought them for yourselves and to give as gifts.

Nora bought two.  She gave one to a friend who said to her… “we have not cooked this much since the fifties!!” 

Cindy, who said it was perfect for her family, told me… “Our (grown) son has been saying something similar to me since we started needing to stay home!”

I still have 45 magnets to sell.

If I had them on Etsy they’d be up in my shop so people could see them whenever they visited.  But since I can’t put them there, I’ll just have to try to do the same right here.

My Corona Housewife Magnets are 5″x3 3/4″ and are $7 including shipping.   You can buy them using Paypal or a credit card by clicking on the button below.

Or you email me at [email protected] and send me a check.

For those of you who haven’t seen them yet, I made these magnets from a thread drawing that I did on my Corona Kimono. You can read all about them here. 




4 thoughts on ““We Haven’t Cooked This Much Since The 50’s”. Corona Housewife Magnets For Sale.

  1. I just ordered three – one for me, and one for two of my friends. We’ve been complaining to one another that we feel like 1950’s housewives, something NONE of us have ever aspired to! Shame on Esty. Hopefully they replied to your thoughtful and truthful email.
    Stay true, Maria.
    Love and light – Renate

  2. Got my three yesterday. I ordered on 6-02 while they were on Etsy. They are very nice, 2 going to friends who’s anniversary is may 22. Thank you and good luck.

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