My Quilt “Shelter”


I decided to name my quilt “Shelter” because I began it as the coronavirus Shelter-in-Place began and finished it as things began opening up again.

And when Kim sent me an email and said “…when I saw your quilt with the beautiful colors & patterns with Fate so peacefully resting beneath – my whole body just smiled.”  I knew it was the right name for my quilt.

It’s that feeling of peace, that kind of comfort that I hope my quilts bring to people.

When I began Shelter I just knew it needed to be red.  For a while, I considered cutting it up and starting over because I couldn’t see it clearly.  But I know now that working with the graphic colors, was about bringing comfort to me at a time when I needed it.  They are similar to the colors I used in some of the first quilts I ever made.

And when I laid it on the bed in the guestroom to go over it with a lint roller, I could see how warm and inviting it really is.

“Shelter” was with me in my studio for the most trying times of the virus.  It feels right that now it will be leaving, going to the person and home it was made for.

4 thoughts on “My Quilt “Shelter”

  1. Maria, Shelter is beautiful! It looks so welcoming on the bed. I wish I had the $ to buy it. It will give good energy to it’s forever home.

  2. The quilts I slept under as a kid were never the fancy kind of some traditional pattern like double wedding ring or log cabin. They looked like yours, pieced together in a random way out of necessity and whatever scraps were at hand. They were quilted together with lengths of yarn in 8 or 10 inch blocks. Your quilt reminds me so much of them. And when I slept under them there was this deep warmth and heaviness that wrapped you to sleep.

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