Liz and Asher Meet Again

Asher and Liz

Liz laid down the worn piece of plywood, got out her clippers and hoof cutters then put on her shearing shoes.  As she did Asher came over to her to say hello.  He was a little shy at first but soon had his head in Liz’s hand.

It was Liz who bottle-fed both Asher and his twin brother Issachar.  And it was last fall that she gave the two brothers to me.  Like most farmers she only keeps the female lambs, the males go to market.  But she got attached to the twin and couldn’t bear to send them off.

When she offered them to me I only hesitated a little before taking them.  Since then three of my older sheep have died, so I’m especially glad to have the boys as part of my flock.

I have no doubt that both Asher and Issachar recognized Liz.

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